Network Services

The connectivity services delivered by the GÉANT Network support the NRENs in delivering world-class network facilities to the research and education community.


Seamless Wi-Fi access for research and education around the world. e​​duroam​ (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. eduroam allows students, researchers and staff​ to seamlessly access internet connectivity when within range of a hotspot, whether they’re moving across campus or visiting other participating institutions​. With benefits for users and for their campus IT departments, eduroam saves time and facilitates active and enduring collaboration between...

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VPN Services

Increased privacy and control – helping to build effective virtual teams across borders. Many research projects require the additional security and reassurance of a virtual private network (VPN) to ensure data services are isolated from general IP (internet protocol) traffic. By creating a virtual IP network, all sites on the VPN can communicate flexibly without the need to arrange separate networks, whilst benefiting from the privacy and security of a private infrastructure. VPNs are ideal for many-to-many (pee​r-to-peer) or one-to-many (central-site-to...

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Facilitating open collaboration across the globe.
The GÉANT Open connectivity service allows national research and education networking (NREN) organisations and approved commercial organisations to exchange connectivity in a highly efficient and flexible manner.​
The service uses shared facilities to which all users can connect their own circuits at either 100Gbps, or 10Gbps, and they can then request interconnections with any other participant in order to provide inter-organisation connectivity.​

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​Providing high-bandwidth, high-speed international connectivity for millions of academic user​s.
​GÉANT IP provides general-purpose IP transit for national research and education networking (NREN) organisations and other approved research and education partners and providers. Its core function is to provide a private service for IP (internet protocol) traffic that is separated from general-purpose access to the internet.​ Wor​king at speeds of up to 100Gbps, GÉANT IP provides core connectivity that supports in​ter-NREN con​​nectivity​​.

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Addtional Services

In addition to the core connectivity services, GÉANT has developed a range of services to help NRENs and institutions manage, monitor and support their users.


WiFiMon is a WiFi network monitoring and performance verification system. It is capable of detecting  performance issues, to visualise the workload of the network, and to provide technical information about the WiFi network (e.g. signal strength, link quality, bit rate, etc.). WiFiMon leverages on well-known performance verification tools (e.g. Akamai Boomerang, Speedtest) and in addition uses data from the WiFi physical layer in order to gather a comprehensive set of WiFi network performance metrics.

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Performance Measurement Platform (PMP)

Performance Measurement Platform is a successor of the successfully completed perfSONAR Small Nodes in GÉANT project.
It consists of:

Low-cost hardware nodes with pre-installed perfSONAR software and deployed in GÉANT collaborating organisations in Europe and Africa.
Central components including a central Measurement Archive (MA) and a Dashboard.

The small nodes are performing regular measurements towards a few Measurement Points (MPs) located in the core of the GÉANT network and operated by the GÉANT network operations centre.

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Real-time, multi-domain performance monitoring​.
perfSONAR is an open-source, modular and flexible architecture for active network performance monitoring that provides a view of network performance across multiple domains, allowing NOC and PERT engineers to seamlessly analyse and diagnose network behaviours across the entire end-to-end path. The tools provided in the perfSONAR suite perform active measurements of throughput, packet loss, delays and jitter, and record network route and path changes.

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GÉANT Network Management as a Service (NMaaS)

Today’s network services are complex with heterogeneous network infrastructures and increasing numbers of value added services and features. Services are becoming increasingly mission critical for end users and the need to provide an integrated view of network and service management will become vital.

The cost and complexity of developing and integrating in-house network management may to too high for many NRENs and institutions. NMaaS aims to support these users to provide an effective, efficient network and service management platform.

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