GN5-1 Project

GN5-1 and its sister project GN5-IC1 are the first two projects under GN5-FPA, the 7-year strategic framework under Horizon Europe – the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation.

The 24-month GN5-1 project is the latest phase of the long-running and highly successful GÉANT Project that, in close collaboration with the European Commission, has supported Europe’s research and education communities for over 20 years. The project’s mission is to provide scientists, researchers, and students secure access to the world’s most advanced connectivity and collaboration services, enabling effective and secure collaboration within virtual research communities around the world.

Vast research initiatives often involving hundreds of participants across multiple countries utilising advanced computing facilities, continue to rely on the infrastructure provided by GÉANT and its NREN partners, in areas as diverse as climate change, medicine, and energy research.


GN5-1 is arranged around nine Work Packages covering 42 Tasks:

WP1: Project Management

WP2: Marketing Communications, Events, and Policy Engagement

WP3: User and Stakeholder Engagement

WP4: Above the Net Services

WP5: Trust & Identity Services Evolution and Delivery

WP6: Network Development

WP7: Network Core Infrastructure, Core Service Evolution, and Operations

WP8: Security

WP9: Operations Support

Facts and Figures

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