GÉANT Services

GÉANT develops the services its members need​​ to support researchers, educators and innovators - at national, European and international levels.​​ Our portfolio of advanced services cover​​​s connectivity and network management, trust, identity and security, real-time communications, storage and clouds and professional services.​​​​

GÉANT Trust & Identity Services

Today, online services are crucial to research and education. Students, researchers and institute staff rely on them for collaboration through webmail, e-learning, teaching, conferencing, analysing and sharing data, and for accessing journals and libraries. Trusted digital identities underpinned with secure technologies allow them to simply and securely access content and services.

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GÉANT Network and Connectivity Services

The connectivity services support the NRENs in delivering world-class network facilities to the research and education community.

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GÉANT Security Services

Security services protect both the networks and services from attacks but also help secure individual users when using the networks. From mitigating DDoS attacks to providing secure VPN services to users, security is vital for research and education.

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GÉANT Cloud Services

Cloud services offer h​igher education and research organisati​ons the opportunity to become more agile, and provide their users with a wider range of relevant IT services at a faster pace to fulfil user demand. ​​By using the power and flexibility of the cloud, GÉANT helps research and education institutions to deliver maximum value to their users.​

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