GÉANT Testbed Service (GTS) closedown as of 1st September 2021

Further to the announcement made on 3rd June 2021, GTS reached its End of Life (EOL) as of 1st September 2021. All support channels relating to GTS are ceased.

As part of the GÉANT project the GÉANT Testbed Service was implemented to provide a flexible, WAN based testbed environment to enable researchers to dynamically prototype new, innovative applications and systems in an environment able to mirror real-world conditions.

At its launch in 2014 GTS provided a class-leading infrastructure to support research into future internet technologies and services. It has been used by a range of NREN, institutional and public-private projects across Europe.

GTS leveraged the core GÉANT network and developed systems to allow users to specify, configure and implement their testbeds through easy-to-use graphical interfaces – improving flexibility and allowing rapid prototyping of different configurations.

Following a code review in May 2021 by GÉANT project teams it was identified that GTS had a number of code vulnerabilities that would require substantial rework.  As a result, a review of the sustainability of GTS was undertaken to consider the options for the future.

A review of the existing and potential new users of GTS together with recent developments in cloud services and virtual network services has concluded that it will be more cost-effective and scalable to retire GTS and to implement future research activities on other facilities within the GÉANT portfolio than to continue development for the small number of current users. As a result, progressive closedown of GTS service was agreed. New user requirements were ceased from June 2021 and the support team worked with the small number of existing GTS users and provided them with alternate solutions before the final closedown of the service on 1st September 2021.

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