​A European success story​

Through the joined forces of Europe's national research and education networking (NREN) organisations, the GÉ​ANT Project and associated programme of activities have been a vital element of Europe's e-infrastructure strategy for almost 20 years.

Throughout its iterations the GÉANT Project has consistently shown itself to be a truly pan-European collaboration. For GN4 Phase 3 (GN4-3), the new iteration of the project which began on 1 January 2019, 40 partners unite under a common approach to advance the state of the art in networking and services innovation.

A separate internet, just for research and education users

Funded by the project, the GÉANT network interconnects Europe's NRENs, operates at speeds of up to 500Gbps and reaches more than half the countries in the world. It offers the highest levels of capacity and security that research and education users need, where and when they need it.

Through a process of innovation, the GÉANT Project offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and applications to support and enhance the connectivity options available - network monitoring, performance enhancement, trust and identity, security, cloud and mobility services.

Making a difference across diverse comm​​unities

Our pioneering network, innovations and services have an impact across Europe, from big science projects to the man in the street, and the knowledge communities GÉANT serves are diverse:

  • Big science projects that involve large amounts of data generation and widespread scientific collaborations.
  • Universities, hospitals, schools, art and humanities, museums.
  • Individuals such as researchers, students, teaching staff and Citizen Science.

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