Work Packages

There are three Work Package areas in GN4-3:

Work Package 1-3

  • WP1 Project Management
  • WP2 Marketing Communications & Events
  • WP3 User & Stakeholder Management

Work Package 4-8

  • WP4 Online Services Development and Delivery
  • WP5 Trust & Identity
  • WP6 Network Technologies & Services Development
  • WP7 Network Core Infrastructure & Core Service Evolution & Operations
  • WP8 Security

Work Package 9

  • WP9 Operations Support

Project governance is covered by:

Cost Sharing Committee

GÉANT Programme Planning Committee

Oversight Committee


Management of GN4-3 is carried out via:

Project Management Board - comprising all WP Leaders and subject matter expert coordinators

Project Management Office

Product Lifecycle Management

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